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Figure of Catherine 'Kitty' Clive, Bow Porcelain Factory, soft-paste porcelain, about 1750

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Henry Woodward and Kitty Clive
Bow factory, c.1750
Soft-paste porcelain

The actor Henry Woodward (1714-1777) is shown in the role of "The Beau" or "The Fine Gentleman" in David Garrick's play "Lethe". His figure is modelled from a mezzotint by James MacArdell (c.1710-65) after a portrait by Francis Hayman.Purchased in 1967 with the aid of grants from the National Art-Collections Fund and the Purchase Grant Fund administered by the Victori and Albert Museum.Museum number: P 443

The actress Kitty Clive (1711-85) is shown in the character of "The Fine Lady" in the same Garrick production. Her figure is modelled after an engraving by Charles Mosely (c.1720-1770). The same figure was produced by the Derby factory in the 1770s.

Museum number: P23
Kitty Clive as The Fine Lady
Bow Porcelain Factory
Soft-paste porcelain, about 1750
Purchased by the Holburne Society in memory of James Calder, 1946

This figure and its companion (John Woodward, musuem number P443) are probably the earliest full-length portrait figures in English porcelain. It shows Catherine ‘Kitty’ Clive (1711–1785), one of the most famous actresses of the time, in the character of Mrs Riot or The Fine Lady in David Garrick’s satrical play Lethe.

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